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6th day

We took the train to Oxford from Paddington station. The train ride is not too long and the train is comfortable. I slept all the way.....

We took a walk from the station to the University. This city is different from London. There's less traffic, people cycling.
We walked to Adam's College, Exeter. It's very different from universities in Israel... :-)
Did you know that many famous people studied in Oxford? Bill Clinton, Rowan Atkinson (one of my favourite actors) and more. There's a museum about the city and the university in the city center. We were tired of museums and didn't visit it.

photosof the University.

Adam promised us on the second day he'll take us punting (without telling us what punting is). Now it was time for that. A punt is a kind of a boat, and punting is the act of rowing it (much like rowing a gondola).

Adam was in charge of the punting :-) It was fun!!! :-)

photos of us punting.

When we finished punting we made our way to Adam's house and it started raining heavily. Hadas had her umbrella, but Adam and I walked in the rain. After we got to the house we dried off and had some food. Adam had to catch a train to his parents place so we had to say GoodBye......
Adam got on his bikes & paddled to the station, and we walked to the city center, to do some shopping. In our way we saw a nice little shop dedicated to the Alice books of Lewis Carol. We entered (a good way to escape from the rain too) and looked around. I couldn't help myself and bought two postcards to remind me of this cute little shop. Here's one:

We did some additional clothes shopping afterwards, and were just in time for the train back to London.
Here's my ticket-

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