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last day

Our last day in London!
Well, all good things eventually come to an end. We finished packing after we woke up, had our breakfast and headed towards the tube station. We planned to take the Northern line from King's Cross tube station and visit....

Adam warned us about this, and we didn't listen. He was right !!!
I thought it was terrible, but Hadas quite enjoyed herself I think. Maybe I'm too sensitive.
This place features exhibitions about Medieval and 18th century torturing methods (which was quite chilling for me. It was bad enough to read the signs), Jack the Ripper (which was rather interesting), the French Revolution (with the guillotine and all), and "Judgement Day" where we were "executed" by a shooting squad. It had the sound of the real thing! there was fire going out of their rifles! (carton-board figures, don't get too excited...)
This place is filled with sounds of screaming, shouting, cats, mourning, boiling water etc. Visit it only if you don't have a weak stomach.....

The admission fee is about 9 pounds. There's a shop and a restaurant inside. Nearest tube station: London Bridge (Northern line). You have to wait in line in order to get in. We got there at about 12:30 and waited about 20 minutes, so it's not that bad. On the other hand, it was Sunday.

After that we went to Regent Street, walked around and did some shopping.

At about 18:00 we headed back to the hotel to take our bags, and then headed to the Liverpool Street station, to take a train to Stansted Airport. We planned to take the 20:00 train, but since we were afraid to miss it, we got there too early and took the 19:30 train instead. The view was lovely & the train wasn't crowded.
We had to wait 45 minutes doing nothing in Stansted because we got there too early. We had to wait till they will finish up organizing the security area too. After the massive security check and the check-in, we could finally go up to the Duty-Free shops, but before that - collecting our boarding pass and another security check.
Stansted has few Duty-Free shops. We spent the last pounds buying gifts to our parents and some chocolate candies.
Now it was time to take the bus to the boarding gate. In the boarding gate we had to wait again until they'll finish organizing the security area and we went through another security check. After another waiting we FINALLY were allowed to get on the plane.
This time the plane was bigger, and we sat closer to the front. We saw Disney's Pocahontas in the little TV screens and tried to sleep a bit, which was hard. No noisy kids this time though....

We landed at about 08:00 Israel time (which is 06:00 GMT), we took our bags from the carousel (which took quite a long time), and then met our parents and our little sister. Yep, there were hugging & kissing and all the lot :-)
Everybody liked our presents. It's nice to be at home. My dad told me they really missed us, and I was really touched :-)
I woke up very early in the morning to find out I'm sleeping with my clothes on the bed. I woke up again at 06:30 because I had to catch the bus back to the Technion, my university.
That's it. A week of seeing & touring & learning has come to it's end......

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