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first day

As I wrote in the main page, on Monday the 27.7.98, we flew to London.

All the family got up at about 07:00 this day. We were very worried about being late that we arrived at the airport too early :-)
After the security-check and the check-in, we said GoodBye to our parents and our little sister (there where hugs and kisses too, ofcourse), and went up the stairs.
After another security check and collecting our boarding pass, we could finally collect some other stuff: Duty-Free SHOPPING!!!! :-)
The hours passed, and it was time to go to the boarding gate.

photos of us at the airport.

Finally on the plane!!! The take-off went fine, and once the plane was in the air it seemed more like a flying bus to me. It was even filled with kids who made a lot of noise. We spend our time eating, listening to music, reading (me) and taking pictures (Hadas).
This is our first flight ever. Actually, it's a day of more "first" stuff: our first flight, our first time abroad, my first time of seeing Adam in person, our first walk in London, our first night, etc etc etc.
We landed in Heathrow Airport. It's much bigger than Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport. We retrieved our bags from the carousel, which took about half an hour.
And now it was time to meet Adam, a cyber friend of mine who's gonna tour London with us. Adam found us quite easily, and it was time to find our hotel.
Our first ride in the Underground! I was very excited. I loved the London Tube, and I still miss it :-)

We took the tube from Heathrow, and then a black cab, and here we are: The Tavistock Hotel, Tavistock Square. We checked in, had a shower and a little rest.
This is what we saw through our hotel room window:

Now it was time for our.....

We let Adam be our guide, and first walked to Russel Square. It was green and peaceful and lovely. Then we went to Covent Garden, where we had dinner. After that we walked to Trafalgar Square. The square looked amazing at night and we took a lot of photos. This is the only photo that survived:

This is Adam.

Then we took the tube and got down in Westminster station. After finding our way out we just looked up and There was The Big Ben, just above us. What a site!
After a little walk around we went back to the hotel, tired but content, planning to get up early and REALLY start traveling :-)

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