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Traveling and seeing stuff is fun for the mind and body, but your body needs some food too....
Here's a list of places in London mentioned in my site with a restaurant.
Also, let me share with you where we ate. We ate at McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut. I think that eating in McDonalds or Burger King is the cheapest way. In Mcdonalds you can get a full meal for about 3 pounds, and in Burger King you can get a meal for less than 4 pounds. If you don't wonna spend too much money on eating, and you like junk food, this is your solution. There is also a special meal in McDonalds for vegetarians.
The squares have restaurants all around them, so I didn't mention them here.

This is an informative page. I didn't eat at any of these restaurants.

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