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4th day

We started our day by taking a bus to Hyde Park. Press on the banner above to visit the page I made about it.

We reached the Albert Memorial (which was under renovation), and left the park. In front of us we could see Albert Hall.
We found a bus station, determinded to get to Buckingham Palace at 11:30, just in time for the Changing of the Guards Ceremony.

We got there 5 minutes past. There were so many people there! After trying to see something by streching ourselves behind the backs of people, we went across the Palace, to the monument, and had a better view from there.

We returned to Kensington, for The Natural History Museum.

The Museum left a very big impression on me. I loved it, and I consider it one of the best places I saw in London, if not the best ;-)
The Museum is devided into 2 parts: Life Galleries and Earth Galleries, and it's a HUGE museum. You can't possibly focus on everything in a single visit. After you buy your ticket , you get a leaflet with the Museum's map. Use it. Plan ahead and decide what you wonna see and what interests you most. Don't jump from exhibition to exhibition.

I saw the following exhibitions:
  • Bird Gallery, which I loved.
  • Mammals, which I loved too ;-)
  • Ecology, which was rather interesting.
  • The Blue Whale - It's in Mammals. It's great :-)
  • The power within, Earthquake - in the Earth Galleries. It was interesting, but I prefered the Life Galleries.
  • Human Biology - it was really great :-) very interesting.

The beautiful thing about this museum is the method of learning by using games, computer games and the use of technologies all around it. Even if you are fed up with museums, don't miss this one.

Press here for museum map

photosfrom the Natural History Museum.

After our long visit to the museum (more than 3 hours), we crossed the road and entered the Victoria & Albert Museum.

I didn't like the V&A Museum. It was very difficult to find anything in this place, and I found myself in the same spot over and over again. I had troubles understanding the map, and the map's index was in a seperate leaflet. I enjoyed the 20th Century Design exhibition, and the Clothes exhibition (clothes from different centuries), and the musical instruments exhibition, but besides that, I found nothing interesting, or anything I haven't already seen. This is, ofcourse, my own impression.

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