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awards page

I want to thank all the people who were so kind as to give me their awards :-)
Your feedback was very important to me. Thank You!
Here are the awards I've won:

21 awards till now :-)
BJ's gold excellence award

My first award!! Thank you so much BJ for your kind words!

certified homepage

25.8.98. Thank you Justin.

world wide women of cheer award

27.8.98. Thank you Joyce!!

Weasel's creative excellence award

29.8.98 Love You Beth!!! ;-)

Angel Leroy's hottest cool site award

1.9.98 Thank You Angel Leroy!

minnie's pick of the week award

28.8.98. Thank You So Much Minnie!

The spiked shark award

4.9.98. Thank You Stephanie!

Tina's award of excellence

4.9.98 Thank You Tina!

a Certified Super Genious

6.9.98. Thank You Debbie!

Special Tree in the Forest Award

6.9.98. Thank You again Debbie :-) Thank you so much for your kind words!

Kelly Knows Excellence award

6.9.98. Thank You Laura!

Sharon's award for home page excellence

9.9.98 Thank You Sharon!

Liz's Award of Excellence

Thank You Liz!

Freemotion Award of Excellence

11.9.98. Thank You Connie!

HoneyBee's Bee Sting Award

14.9.98. Thank You Sarah!

Golden Windmill Great Site Award

16.9.98. Thank You Hellen and Ned!

J. Lauri thinks this is a Cool Site

18.9.98. Thank You J. Lauri!

Kel Loved My Site!

24.9.98. Thank You Kel!

The Jazzy Award

6.10.98. Thank You Jazzy!

Andrue's Wicked Page Award

17.10.98. Thank You Andrue!

The SuperSite Award

30.10.98. Thank You Angells!

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